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Moving to South Williamsport

Welcome to our beautiful community!

Storage units are invaluable when you’re moving. Sometimes the new house isn’t quite ready, and you need a place to put your furniture while you paint! 

Or maybe you need to stage your existing house for sale - storage units are a great place to put your extra items while you spruce up for the photo shoot. 

Whatever the reason, My Self Storage Place is happy to provide clean, quality storage space while you move. Our lease is always month-to-month, so you aren’t ever paying for more than one month at a time. 

Rent as long as you need, and move out when you’re ready. We’ll be here when you need us again!


You’ll find My Self Storage Place:

  • Right next to the McDonald’s

  • Immediately off Route 15

  • Near the World of Little League Museum

  • Next to Lakeview Apartments

Where Are We?

My Self Storage Place is located at 50 Route 15 Highway, South Williamsport, PA 17702. 

Sometimes Google Maps or other GPS services have a hard time recognizing the address, so it may come up as 50 W 8th Avenue. Both will take you to the right place!

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