Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions

Protecting your items from the Pennsylvania weather

Why Choose Climate Control?

Not everything needs an air-conditioned storage unit - but some items won’t survive without it!

Climate-controlled self storage units maintain a safe temperature and humidity range no matter what the weather is doing. 

Some items do fine in heat and cold, but some commonly stored items will warp, crack, split, rust, or mold. Think about where the item you’re storing is meant to be kept. 

Furniture is usually meant to be in the house - in air conditioning. Same with electronics and appliances. 

If your couch is made from a material that you wouldn’t leave out in a shed, you should upgrade to a climate-controlled self storage unit to ensure it doesn’t get damaged over time!

What Sets My Self Storage Place Apart?

Our award-winning service makes us the clear choice for storage in South Williamsport!

Clean and Well-Maintained

Every storage unit on our property is kept in tip-top shape. We won’t let our neighbors store their items anywhere that we wouldn’t store ourselves!

Regular Pest Control

We spare no expense to keep our facility free from pests that might damage your items - and ones that are just gross. This is part of our dedication to serving you well.

Secure Facility

Rent with confidence at My Self Storage Place! Our facility was built from the ground up to keep your storage unit and your stored items safe.

What Needs Climate Control?

Upgrade to a climate-controlled self storage unit if you’re storing:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Photo albums
  • Electronics
  • Documentation
  • Magnetic media
  • Antiques
  • Heirlooms
  • And more